Recovering after an intensive surgery can be challenging.
But we’re here to help bridge the gap between concern & care.

If you’re all new to the process, explore our beginner’s guide.

Aimed at fastening the recovery timeline and make life easier, our comprehensive range
of solutions are there to assist you in everything post-op, Discover them all here.

Bathing Assistance
Bath Chairs with Arm Support.

Regain independence for
daily showering.

Washroom Safety
Toilet Seat Raisers

Perform toilet activities

Wheelchairs with ELR

Engage in indoor & outdoor

Rental Available

Exercise & Movement

Improve your range of motion

Rental Available

Daily Activities

Access household utilities
with ease

Pain Management
Cold Packs

Reduce swelling and eases

Knee Foam Supports

Stabilization and comfort
for the knee

Knee ROM Brace

Empower free movement by
avoiding a direct impact on
hyper range of motion

Rental Available

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