Rent a Infusion Pump

What Is An Infusion Pump?

A medical device used to deliver fluids to a patient in a controlled manner is called an infusion pump. You may adjust the fluid quantity to be delivered. 

Infusion pumps come in various types and deliver nutrients or medications like insulin, hormones, antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, or pain relieves. 

You may get an infusion pump rental for stationary use (like at a patient's bedside at home) to help them recover fast. These are ambulatory pumps and are hence portable or wearable. If you are looking for the best infusion pump rental cost in Dubai, look no further than Sehaasouq. 

We provide iv pump rental on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Those who recently went through surgery, or infection can benefit from the pump rental. The rental options are cost-effective for people who don’t need them for long.

Commonly Used Infusion Pumps

If you are unfamiliar with the commonly used infusion pumps, we will take you through some-

1. Enteral Pump

The pump used to deliver liquid nutrients and medication to the digestive tract is called the enteral pump.

2. Patient Controlled Analgesia or PCA Pump

The pump used to deliver pain medication and equipped with special features to self-administer the amount of drug is called patient-controlled analgesia.

3. Insulin Pump

As the name suggests, an insulin pump is used to deliver insulin to patients who are diabetic and is exclusively used at home. Infusion pumps may be powered electrically or mechanically depending on their use and purpose. 

If you are looking for an iv infusion pump rental in the UAE, connect with our customer care service.

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