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The all new electronic panel with 11 sensitive touch keys to facilitate functional limitations and replace keyboard and mouse functions. It is designed to replace the keyboard and mouse. Key-X enables the usage of computers, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. The equipment dispenses all the specific software installation. It can be used for navigation on the Internet, social networks, text editors and even games. Key-X can be controlled optionally by any external assistive drive (not included) through its luminous keys scan. It can meet the demands of computer usage by people with more severe functional limitations like quadriplegics. It is large, well-spaced along with touch-sensitive keys that allows the panel usage without force, but with sufficient strength to support rough touches. It can also be operated with feet.

  • Iconographic Keys
  • Control mouse cursor on the screen
  • Simplix Software
  • Support Rough Touches
  • Compatible with Windows XP/7/8 or posterior, Linux and Mac 05.
  • Allows controls over rough touches
  • Accessories- X button, X queeze, A-blink

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