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Buy or Sell Used Active Daily Living Equipment in Dubai, UAE


Sehaasouq has you covered if you're looking for used daily living equipment, second hand daily living aids, daily living aids for the elderly, daily living aids for the disabled, or anything similar. In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other prominent places in the UAE, we are a major supplier of living help equipment.


Popular Second Hand Daily Living Equipment by Category

Oral hygiene

Maintain the health of your denture and gums. Used Denture brushes and suctions cups are among the second hand oral care products available.

Home accessories

We make certain that your disability does not prevent you from enjoying life. Used   Walking sticks, second hand wander alarms, walking stick clips, wheelchair safety belts, wheelchair ramps, and other used disability aids for daily living are all available in our assortment.

Low Vision

With a variety of living aids accessible from us, you can overcome low vision issues. Magnifiers, colourful utensils, and cutlery are among the most popular items.

Dressing Aids

Dressing stick, shoehorn, pantyhose aid, hook and zipper pull, elastic shoe laces, nail clipper, handle hairbrush for seniors, and catcher apron bib are among our daily living aids for the elderly.

Pill Organizers

Keep your medicines safe and secure with a variety of used pill organizers and pouches.


Reach for objects at a given height without stretching or bending, and grab objects on the floor without bending. We have a wide selection of second hand reachers that are both light and smooth.

Utensils and Cutlery

We have specially designed tools and cutlery ranging from a spoon to a cup to dishes and much more to enable your loved ones to enjoy foods and snacks despite their impairments.

Writing Aid

With our used customised pen, typing help, magnifier, and other writing aid items created for persons with impairments, creativity is unstoppable.

Bathing Aid

Bathing aids such as a lift commode, bath stool with rotating seat, grab bar, and other devices can help your seniors enjoy life.

Used Daily Living Products Online Dubai, UAE


Sehaasouq brings the best used living aids for seniors and the disabled from the top manufacturers in the industry. Check features, prices, and reviews of living aids. Write to us or get in touch over the phone to get answers to queries before you buy second hand aids for daily living.

All of your Daily Living Activities Equipment in one place. Top-of-the-line equipment for daily living activities is now available at your doorstep in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the United Arab Emirates.

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