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What are Feeding Pumps


As a mother you must have prepared a castle for your child, the strollers, pregnancy equipment, and the most important- feeding breast pump. If you want to increase milk supply or want to store the milk, a breast pump can help you. In today’sworld every woman is ambitious, they resume work right after maternity leave. If you are such an ambitious woman, a breast pump can help you.

Breast pumps are FDA approved medical devices that can help nurturing mothers to store or increase their milk supply. These can come as electric or manual, single or double expressions. The single expression has one breast pump at a time, and the double expression has two breast pumps at a time. These can also be open or closed systems. The closed system will make sure the milk does not overflow from the breasts. An open system would not have this barrier.

Although there are many other factors that need to be considered before we opt for feeding pumps- price, affordability, comfort, and durability. Sehaasouq provides easy affordable options online- you can buy used medical feeding pumps in Dubai that are quality- graded and help to cope with the cost- effective measures.

Buy Used Breast Pumps in Dubai


If you are looking for used or second hand breast pumps, shop from Sehaasouq. Our extensive range of products can help you choose comprehensively. You can shop second hand- electric breast pumps or used manual feeding pumps in Dubai. These are all well- maintained and quality- graded devices.

Get Used Electric Breast Pumps in Dubai


Shop all you need at Sehaasouq. We care and cater motherhood with our extensive yet affordable pricing options. All of our second hand products are of high quality. Shop all you need from Sehaasouq. 

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