Rental Crutches

Get affordable prices for Crutches on rent in the UAE


Sehaasouq offers crutches on a daily, weekly, or monthly rental. Buy crutches for broken legs, crutches for knee injury, crutches for back pain, crutches for foot injury, crutches for foot surgery or crutches for any other health conditions from Sehaasouq.

Improve mobility and speed up recovery with underarm crutches, elbow crutches or knee crutches available at affordable rental.

Sehaasouq is the UAE’s #1 used medical equipment marketplace for buyers and sellers. If you own a medical crutch that is no longer in use, sell it on Sehaasouq. Post a classified of the crutch and provide detailing of its height, frame type and other features. Upload the latest product image and you are good to go!

You can also buy pre-owned crutches online and get the best price. Matching the health condition of your loved one or patient, find the right second-hand medical equipment.

Common Types of Crutches Available on Rent in UAE

Sehaasouq has a wide range of products and one can have crutches on rent according to his or her needs. The listed are some of the exclusive ones available-

1.      Crutches for disabled

2.      Crutches for elderly

3.      Crutches for adults

4.      Crutches for children

5.      Crutches with arm support

6.      Crutches for foot injury

7.      Crutches for foot surgery

You can also buy pre-owned crutches at Sehaasouq at the best online price. Matching the health condition of your loved one or patient, find the right second-hand medical equipment, or rent crutches. It solely depends on one’s needs and helps.

How Long Does it Take to Deliver Rental Crutches in UAE?

Sehaasouq provides rental forearm crutches, walking crutches and more; and also sells the used medical product. Apart from this, we welcome people who want to contribute and sell their used medical equipment to us. We deal and ship all over the United Arab Emirates. Sehaasouq has a 3-day easy return and exchange policy. We are the leading platform for places to rent crutches in the UAE.

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