Rent A Wheelchair

Rent a Wheelchair And Get Affordable Rental Prices In the UAE


Are you looking for wheelchairs for disabled on a monthly rental? You have reached the place! At Sehaasouq, we can help you get wheelchairs on an easy-to-pay monthly rental plan.

You can check rental wheelchairs for disabled, seniors, adults or kids that are available online. Browse images, read their description thoroughly to understand the features and benefits- choose according to the health conditions of your loved one.

We also procure used wheelchairs at reasonable prices. How does it work? All of our rental wheelchairs are from customers who don’t need them anymore. If you are one of them, you can also list your used wheelchair to find the right buyer for something that is lying idle! Save the occupied useful space in your home.

If you own or manage a hospital, rehabilitation centre, home care, or P&O facility, you can sell or buy a used wheelchair as per the requirement. Thus, we give a win-win ground for everyone.

Sehaasouq platform benefits both the sellers and buyers. Sellers can sell out old wheelchairs at the best value and buyers can purchase used wheelchairs at the most discounted prices as compared to the new ones.

Whether you want to rent a wheelchair or buy the used wheelchair, do it securely at Sehaasouq. You can leave shipment hassles to us. We deliver rental or purchased wheelchairs to your address in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or any other location.

If you need a wheelchair for a short period - say a month or two, or simply don’t want to invest in the equipment, we can help you get the wheelchair on a monthly rental.

Common Types of Rental Wheelchairs


1.      Standard Wheelchairs

2.      Reclining Back Wheelchairs

3.      Multifunctional Wheelchairs

4.      Active Wheelchairs

5.      Sports Wheelchairs

6.      Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

7.      Pediatric Wheelchairs

How long does it take to deliver a rental wheelchair?


Delivery time: 1-2 working days 


Friendly Return Policy: We have a 3-day return and refund policy. To be eligible for a return, your medical wheelchair must be unused at your place and it should be in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.

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