Rent a Standing Frame

Rent a Standing Frame in Dubai


Disabilities due to lack of mobility can make you or your loved one dependent on standing frames. At Sehaasouq, we provide standing frame rental. You can rent a standing frame in Dubai on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Rental standing frames can help you cope with the disabilities and lack of mobility. It provides an alternative to regular wheelchairs and can help the users to stand, sit, and perform normal activities like others.

Standing frame for rent in the UAE can be availed at Sehaasouq. Our rental products are quality-graded and can help you or your loved one cope with the acute/ short term mobility issues. If you recently went through any surgery or accident, your doctor may recommend a standing frame. A standing frame on rent is a cost-effective and affordable solution to those who cannot afford new medical equipment.

Hire Standing Frames - Uses


Standing frames can help people with the following-

1. Improved posture
2. Digestion
3. Hip stability
4. Cardio fitness

A standing frame can help you participate in daily life activities and resume social interactions. It can help people with disabilities to sit, stand, and function like just another human being. It is usually recommended for those with cerebral palsy.

If you recently had a hip replacement surgery, your doctor might recommend you to hire standing frames. It can help you improve posture by helping a person stand straight, and prevent contractures of the hips, knee, and ankle. It helps in cardio fitness by improving a person’s metabolic rate.

Get standing frame rental in the UAE


Sehaasouq provides an extensive range of products to help people in need. Our rental services can be availed on a daily, monthly, or weekly basis. Connect with us and get standing frame rental in Dubai. 

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