Rent a Knee Scooter

What are Knee Scooters?

Knee scooters or knee walkers are a type of mobility equipment that provide a safe, easy to use, and comfortable maneuver for people with limited mobility. 

These are an alternative medical equipment to crutches and help to recover people from knee injury, and knee surgery. For people who cannot bear the weight in their legs or feet, use these medical equipment for faster and smoother recovery.

These can effectively help someone who are suffering from-

1. Fractures
2. Diabetic Wounds
3. Diabetic Ulcers
4. Achilles’ Tendon
5. Sprained Ankles
6. Surgery related to Foot and Ankle

If someone has a partial or complete foot amputation can use these mobility solutions for recovery. 

How are These Used?

Medical knee walkers are used as a scooter where the user is provided with an elevated padded platform. This platform is where you can rest your affected knee. 

The design of the medical scooter helps users to balance naturally. It is a better option than a crutch that allows free leg movement and improved range of motion. The handle bar is given to control the direction of the front wheels. It is one of the ‘fun’ medical equipment that is easy to use. 

For elderly who cannot hold a grip or handle a scooter should not rent the product. This assistance requires full control (except for the affected leg) and should not be used if your loved one has weak limb movements.

Rent A Medical Knee Scooter in Dubai

Sehaasouq provides medical knee scooter rentals in the UAE. You can get the product on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (as per your needs). 

The product will be delivered shortly within the UAE. Make sure to consult with a doctor before you rent the product.

If you have any product related queries/ questions- feel free to reach us at Sehaasouq.

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