Rent a Stair Climber Walker

What Is a Stair Climber Walker?


Do you have a loved one with a compromised disability? Moving around must be difficult for them. But thanks to medical equipment like wheelchairs, and walkers, the tasks got easier. They can easily maneuver on plain surfaces.

What about the non-plain surfaces–like stairs? One cannot operate a wheelchair on them! This is when we need a stair climber walker.  The stair walker for the disabled is a special device made to personally assist people in climbing stairs. 

The device works in a hassle-free manner, enabling people to climb stairs with ease. It secures the user from falling out and provides a sense of security. The stair walker is not an ordinary walker. It is easy to operate and has a hard grip specially made for stairs. 

One can be assured of its strength and rigidity. The frame doesn’t move or change until the user intends to do so. Hence it is also known as personal walkers for stairs.

If your loved one recently went through a major surgery like a total hip replacement, the Stair Climbing Walker is their best buddy. It will not only help them climb stairs but also enable them to feel ‘normal’ again. 

Rent the Stair Walker for Elderly in Dubai


If you are looking for an adjustable stair climbing walker in the UAE, you came to the right platform. We extensively deal with the best-chosen brands to cater to your needs. Sehaasouq provides the Rehamo Stair Climber for rent. You can get the rentals on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

Check out the product and features before purchasing. You can also reach out to our customer care service for further assistance.

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