Rent a Medical Bed

Affordable Rental Hospital Beds Delivered at Your Doorstep in Dubai


Medical beds are one of the essential needs for patients. People who have injuries, post-operative, and surgery needs can use a medical bed for proper treatment and care. Now you can rent hospital beds in Dubai from our platform- Sehaasouq. With the chosen range of adjustable bed rental, bariatric hospital bed rental, or electric hospital bed rental; we have you covered for all your needs. Renting is an easy and effective way to save money if you require a hospital bed for a shorter period of time.

We also offer ICU beds for rent in hospitals or home-care-taking services. You can also opt for a rental hospital bed at home from Sehaasouq. Your needs are our priority. Sehaasouq exclusively delivers all over the UAE and will ship your order as soon as the order is placed.

We let medical beds hire according to your use, comfort, and needs. The electric bed rentals are available in all categories. It can be used as a 5 way or 4 way, automatic or manual. We also have a full-size hospital bed rental at promising prices. You can either rent a new product or can choose a used one according to your comfort.

Why do We Need Medical Beds?

Medical beds are one of the most essential things if you need medical care now and then. Certain surgeries require people to rent a medical bed so that the patient doesn’t move around much and can let the surgery part heal. Many operations require a patient cot for rent. These operations demand rest 24-48 hours in providing proper healing.

Some accidents can make a person rent a medical bed. If you are looking for the best hospital bed rental price in Dubai, Sehaasouq can help you. Our medical bed rental cost is effective and pocket-friendly.

You may need a full electric hospital bed rental if someone is physically challenged or paralyzed for the while. These beds help a person to survive without dependence.

How Long Does it Take to Deliver Rental Medical Beds?

Delivery time: 
1-2 working days 


Friendly Return Policy: We have a 3-day return and refund policy. To be eligible for a return, your medical beds must be unused at your place and it should be in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.

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