The Beginner's Guide to Recovery Devices
after a Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Walking and climbing stairs can become a task if you’ve arthritis or a serious injury. Your doctor now must have
recommended you to go for total knee replacement surgery. You get it done. What next?

Recuperating time after surgery is the most important and delicate part of knee replacement. Taking care of
your wound, eating the right meals, and doing the necessary workouts are important for a quick recovery.

Apart from these, giving more attention to your knee, giving it the optimal rest, and preventing it from
swelling / clotting and other complications is important.

Let us take you through the Total Knee Replacement Supports that are important for any & every
patient during the recovery period.

Week One

Depending on the severity of your knee condition, your doctor may recommend a week’s stay. They will follow all the necessary medical procedures. Within the first couple of days itself, your Physical Therapist will help stand you up and walk with knee mobilization and weight bearing exercises.

The knee braces, crutches / walkers, cold packs, and other post-operative devices are extensively used during this recuperation period.

They minimize pain, provide compression, and prevent the operated area from potential injuries. With Sehaasouq you can choose the right rehab product for your knee recovery. Let us take you through some of our products

Compression Knee Sleeves

Those who want to be mobile within a controlled range of motion are recommended to go for compression knee sleeves. They will provide you with the right amount of compression as well as protect the knees from potential injuries. Knee sleeves enhance mobility and increase blood flow while also supporting the injured knee.

Knee Immobilizer

If you have undergone total knee replacement surgery, you’re recommended to go for knee immobilizers. These are the best knee braces for immobilization and postoperative knee surgeries. Inbuilt with the cold/hot therapy gels, they provide the right compression and comfort to the patient. With a fitted anterior, you can flex and extend your knee within a controlled range of motion.

Patella Stabilizer Brace

These are other types of braces used in post-surgery recovery. They have an open patella design with a breathable material. These braces are lightweight and provide support to the kneecap within a controlled range of motion.

Crutches And Walkers

If you wish to walk around, a crutch or a Walker may support your upper body and provide a restricted range of motion. These are extensively used to support the upper body’s weight.

Cold Packs

Either you can get the knee immobolizers with ice packs or buy them separately. These will work on the swelling and prevent blood clots.

Post-Operative Care (Week Two-Four)

After the hospital discharge, you are recommended to follow the doctor’s instructions and take precautionary measures. During the initial weeks, you must work on achieving full knee extension by increasing bending of it.

SehaaSouq provides homecare medical products to ensure you get the best recovery post-operation.

Let us take you through some of the recommended post-operative care medical products-

Shower Chair

Showering can be a task for those who recently got knee surgery. We recommend you to go for a shower chair. This can help you regain independence for showering.

Commode Chair

Just like the shower chair, a commode chair can help you get the support to perform toilet activities independently.


If you cannot live without an outdoor life, we recommend wheelchairs! Do not travel without a wheelchair for at least a month after surgery even if it feels unnecessary. Your knee and its adjoining parts must get as much rest as possible.

CPM Machines

A CPM device moves the joint slowly and gently after surgery. It is known to prevent the buildup of scar tissue and joint stiffness. Regular knee exercises along with the CPM machine are recommended to get the best out of the postoperative period.

Cold Packs

If you experience swelling and pains around the operated area, cold pack them properly.


Reachers can help you access the home utilities with ease.

Knee Foam Supports

Keep a positioner handy to stabilize the knee.

A slow and steady approach with the best chosen medical products can help you recover faster, and healthier. We aim to cater to your all medical needs and would be happy to help

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