Rent an Active & Passive Trainer

What are Active & Passive Trainers?

People who have limited active function (usually wheelchair users) and cannot exercise to stay healthy, use active and passive trainers. These trainers move their limbs to increase their range of motion and internal strength. 

If your loved one is fatigued from the session, the sensor in the machine will detect it. The computer will lower the workload for the patient after detecting a change in movement or force. 

Using active & passive motion machines helps people to workout. It is important to maintain flexibility and strength, increase body circulation, improve balance, and strengthen the health of the heart and lungs. 

These devices also help wheelchair users to modify their body’s capabilities and needs. They will feel emotionally strong and physically fit.

Benefits of Active & Passive Trainers


1. The equipment is easy to use. People with compromised mobility can sit in front of the machine and work on their lower body.

2. The machine has a passive pumping action. This restricts the range of motion and allows for independent movement without much effort.

3. Active and passive pumping action help in the body's circulation. It also lowers the risk of edema in feet. 

4. It helps in a patient's range of motion, loosening, and stretching the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

5. The machine improves motor recovery and cardiovascular health.

Rent Active & Passive Trainers in The UAE

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