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Book and Rent Oxygen Cylinder in Dubai


If you are having respiratory issues that are hard to cope with, and cannot breathe problems, rent an oxygen cylinder in Dubai. Rental oxygen tank machines can be availed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (as per your needs) in the UAE. We will deliver the device as soon as possible at your doorstep. We have a comprehensive range for rental products in known brands. You need to worry about the quality, and working of the oxygen cylinder- we make sure all our products are refurbished properly before rentals.

What are oxygen cylinders?


People with oxygen deficiency due to COPD, lung cancer, or covid19 need a constant and higher level of oxygen concentration. The machines that deliver the same are called an oxygen cylinder. It uses stored oxygen gas in the form of liquid oxygen. Supplemental oxygen can help people who are facing high risk oxygen diseases with low blood oxygen levels. These come in two forms-

1. compressed oxygen gas - oxygen is extracted from air, compressed, and later filled inside the aluminium tanks.

2. Liquid oxygen - this is the most common type of oxygen cylinder used. The oxygen is cooled in the tanks to -182 degree C. When used, this liquid oxygen converts back to gas and is delivered via the nasal tube.

Get easy rentals of oxygen cylinder in the UAE


Book your oxygen machine tank for rentals (daily or weekly or monthly basis). You can get the device delivered right at your doorstep. If you require the tank for a longer time, we also provide second hand products. Choose according to your needs, and shop now. 

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