Seller FAQ

Why should I sell on Sehaasouq?

Sehaasouq is a dedicated healthcare online marketplace website for used or refurbished products with maximum online reach and highest credibility. With more than 20+ categories and shipments to all over UAE, we are the dedicated team to get your old/refurbished healthcare products sold in no time

Who can sell on Sehaasouq?

Anyone who wants to sell the used or refurbished healthcare products is welcome. You just need some information about the product you selling along with few images of the product and you are all set to sell your not in use medical product.

How do I sell on Sehaasouq?

To sell on Sehaasouq:

  • Register yourself with us.
  • List your products under specific product categories.
  • Once an order is received, our logistics partner will pick up the product and deliver it to the customer.
  • Once an order is successfully delivered, sehaasouq will settle your payment within 3-5 business days.

Do I need to courier my products to Sehaasouq office or to the buyer?

No, Sehaasouq will handle shipping of your products. All you need to do is keep the product ready for dispatch. Our logistics partner will pick up the product from you and deliver it to the buyer.

Who decides the price of the products?

As a seller, you will set the price of your products.

Will I get charged for listing products on Sehaasouq?

No. Listing of products on is absolutely free. does not charge anything for listing your product online. You only pay a small commission for what you sell.

Can sehaasouq store the product in their facility on my behalf?

Yes, sehaasouq has a store facility in Dubai, where your products can be store in the safest and secured environment. A small storage charges will be applicable once the product is sold. Sehasouq charges a nominal fee of 1% per month of the product value to store the product

How and when will I get paid?

The payment will be made directly to your bank account through NEFT transactions within 3-5 business days of delivery an order.

When can I Start Selling

After you create your account you can start listing the products which are not in use.

Are there any charges for selling the product?

Once an order is successfully delivered, the following deductions are made from the order item value:

  • Selling commission: A percentage of the item price paid by the buyer (15% of the total sales value)
  • Shipping fee (calculated on the basis of the product weight and shipping location)

Please give an example to show the cost calculation.

This table is just for the illustration purpose and the commission and other charges might differ from this example depending on the product the seller wants to sell on

Product Price
Selling Price (Decided by you) 1000
Selling Commission (15%) 150
Shipping Fees (Intercity Shipment) 10
Total Deduction 160
Settled Amount (Amount credited to you) 840

What is listing?

Listing a product refers to filling out all the necessary information and adding images of the product so that a buyer can make an informed buying decision.

How do I list my products on Sehaasouq?

Listing a product on sehaasouq is very easy.  It is important to choose the most suitable category to list your product as it will help customers find your products faster. Based on the category you choose, you'll be asked to include product details such as size, model, color, etc.

How do I manage my listing on Sehaasouq?

Through my profile dashboard, we make it really easy for you to manage your listings. Whenever a customer places an order, we send you an e-mail alert. You need to keep the product ready for dispatch and our logistics partners will pick up the product from you.

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