Rent an Oxygen Concentrator

Rent an Oxygen Concentrator in Dubai


Respiratory problems are common. They can make your breathing difficult and dependant on oxygen concentrators. If you want to rent an oxygen concentrator in the UAE, Sehaasouq can help. We provide fast rental deliveries all over the UAE. You can get a portable oxygen concentrator tank on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Just connect with us and book your oxygen concentrator. Renting oxygen concentrators can provide you cost-effective solutions for people who require it for a shorter period of time.

What is an oxygen concentrator?


When your body requires extra oxygen, an oxygen concentrator machine is used to supply the same. These are usually recommended for mild to moderate respiratory problems like asthma, COPD, flu, covid-19, and starting stages of lung cancer.

The concentrator pulls the air around, filters nitrogen, and delivers oxygen. It doesn’t use any stored liquid or gas oxygen. You can adjust the flow of oxygen levels in the machine. They are available in two forms- a bigger one (cannot be ported), and a small portable oxygen concentrator. We recommend taking consultations from a doctor before opting for the oxygen concentrator.

These devices were extensively used during covid-19. Although they cannot deliver big concentrations of oxygen, these are good for mild to moderate respiratory infections. Make sure you check your oxygen saturation levels before using the machine.

Get rental oxygen concentrator machines in Dubai


If you or your loved one require an oxygen concentrator for a shorter period, opt for rental solutions now. We have the best rental prices in Dubai, along with the comprehensive range of products. You can also opt for a second- hand buy if you need the device for a longer time. Contact us and let us guide you along the process.

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