A Beginner’s Guide to Recovery after
a Hip Replacement Surgery.

Major surgeries like that of a Hip Replacement require careful rehabilitation.

In this guide, we will answer some frequent questions about the recovery process and also share some helpful care tips.

# When can a patient go home after a hip replacement?

Depending on age, and other health issues, one can start moving by the following day to help prevent joint stiffness.

A lung and heart condition may make you stay at the hospital for an extra day. Inpatient rehabilitation services could

be available for those who live alone. We recommend assistance with some special medical equipment in the first week

of rehabilitation post hip surgery.

Week One:

  • Medical Beds
  • To get a proper positioning post-surgery, you may want to get a medical bed. The choice should be made according to your needs and comfort. At SehaaSouq you can get a manual or electric bed for rent.

  • Wheelchairs or Walkers
  • To avoid new joint stiffness, you are recommended to walk around. A wheelchair or walker can be rented to support mobility and help with hip positioning.

  • Physiotherapy Equipment
  • Physiotherapy equipment can help to regain muscles and improve weight bearing potential.

    # Does one have to use a Walker from the beginning?

    Although it is not always recommended to keep the weight off the new hip, You may opt for a cane or walker to reduce falls if you feel imbalanced walking on your own.

    # When will the incision heal?

    Nowadays incisions for hip replacement surgery are very small and are closed with absorbable sutures. The incision is dressed and usually heals in about six weeks. Showering is permitted during this time, but bathing and swimming should be avoided to reduce the risk of infection. It is crucial to be careful with the incision. It may cause further infections and bleeding if not taken care of.

    To ensure complete rehabilitation, let’s go through the medical equipment and support needed from week two through week six.

    Week Two to Week Six :

  • Bedroom Care
  • Bedroom equipment is recommended to establish a safe environment post-surgery. Homecare Beds help with easy access and positioning to move in and out of the usual resting position. Air Mattresses help in preventing bed sores. Bed Ladder Ropes provide upright positions.

  • Living Room Care
  • Recliners and Seat Raisers can provide support getting in and out of a chair so that you can enjoy the freedom to be around family and loved ones.

  • Bathroom Essentials
  • To provide support and help prevent accidents, Bath Chairs with Arms, Grab Bars and Anti-Slip Mats are a smart choice.

  • Commodes
  • A toilet seat raiser helps you perform toilet activities independently.

  • Shower in Bed with Aquabuddy
  • The Aquabuddy is a shower-in-bed device that comes with an anti-bacterial waterproof sheet. This portable shower system provides hygiene and cleanliness support for the initial days after discharge.

  • Wheelchair or Walker with wheels
  • These mobility devices support indoor and outdoor activities.

  • Cold Packs
  • To manage pain, reduce swelling, and improve mobility cold packs can be used.

  • Reachers
  • These are used to access household utilities to prevent falls or accidents.

    # When does rehabilitation therapy start after the hip surgery?

    Rehabilitation begins with getting used to regular movements and daily activities: such as getting in and out of a bed or a chair and progressing to more difficult tasks like climbing stairs or getting in and out of a car. Muscle strength here is particularly important with regards to resistance training. It helps to keep the hip and knee muscles working.

    # How long is the recovery period?

    The recovery period is determined by several factors, including how active you were prior to surgery, your age, nutrition, pre-existing health conditions, and other lifestyle factors. Usually, the recovery timeline ranges from four to six weeks.

    A slow and steady approach with the best chosen medical products can help you recover faster, and healthier. We aim to cater to your all medical needs and would be happy to help!

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