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Buy or Sell Used Power Wheelchairs in UAE

If you have been thinking owning an electric wheelchair is a costly affair, you could be wrong. We, at Sehaasouq, help you buy a used electric wheelchair in Dubai. So, give your loved ones or patients all the power they need to experience an independent life with free mobility. Our second hand electric wheelchairs are standard graded and work as perfectly as a new one. You will find a wide variety of used power chairs at Sehaasouq.

If you are a seller, list your second hand electric wheelchair prices on our portal to get the right price for it. It helps you get rid of something that is lying idle occupying valuable space and also makes you part of something good. Your second hand power wheelchair can help someone to overcome mobility challenges. Share full information about second hand folding electric wheelchair when you post it. 

Sehaasouq provides a win-win platform to buyers and sellers of used electric wheelchairs. We are one of the best places that buy electric wheelchairs in Dubai. Buyers pay a lower price for a second hand folding electric wheelchair than that of a new one. It helps them cut patient care or healthcare expenses and use the budget on something more important or on priority.

Whether you are a caregiver at home or run a hospital, rehabilitation center, home care, or P&O Facility, you can sell or buy used folding electric wheelchairs as per your requirement.

Did you know that you can also rent a second hand folding electric wheelchair? Visit our electric wheelchair rental section. Pay for monthly rental easily.

Common Types of Used Electric Wheelchairs in UAE

1. Standard Wheelchairs

2. Reclining Back Wheelchairs

3. Multifunctional Wheelchairs

4. Sports Wheelchairs

5. Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

Sehaasouq is the right platform and one of the best places that buy electric wheelchairs in the UAE. We work on standard-graded products. A second-hand product will seem better.

How long does it take to deliver a Second Hand Power Wheelchair in UAE?

Delivery time:
1-2 working days 

Friendly Return Policy: We protect your purchased value with a 3-day return and refund policy. To be eligible for a return, the used electric wheelchair must be unused at your place and it should be in the same condition that you received it. It’s important you return the used electric wheelchair with the packaging you received. Buy a used electric wheelchair now.

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